VMware – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

LOGO1One interesting trend for Storage Field Day 7 (SFD) is the lack of Tier 1 SAN vendors. While several of the vendors are claiming support for Tier 1 applications, none of the vendors offer a traditional Tier 1 hardware array (including all-flash). The trend continues with our next previewVMware. EMC decided to give their SFD slot to VMware. Seeing this is SFD, my assumption is that VMware will be presenting VSAN.

Coming off the big release of VSAN 6 (VSAN 2.0), I don’t believe I can offer much in the form of a preview than what’s already out. The likes of Duncan Epping have been pouring out a great deal of VSAN content. I don’t have much to offer to the technical conversation. I’m of course always interested in the enterprise architect’s view.

Architect’s View

VSAN is an interesting platform with some licensing quirks to work out. The latest version supports an all-flash option. However, you are charged a hefty uplift fee in order to leverage all-flash. There’s no logical explanation other than increasing licensing revenue. With that said, I’m interested in how VSAN will help deliver hybrid cloud capability to the enterprise. Seems like a solid platform to expose Object-based storage to enterprise applications.

VSAN is still a young product, so VMware has limited storage objects to files needed to run VM’s. Ideally, VSAN would be the backend storage for SWIFT or provide an API for application data. I’m interested in the additional use cases outside of vSphere.

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