Kaminario – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

kaminarioWe are previewing our 4th vendor for Storage Field Day 7. If you haven’t noticed the trend, I’m not a storage speed and feeds type of delegate. As an architect, I’m all about services. I trust the smart guys on the storage side to help me understand the design considerations for each solution. With that said, the next vendor is an All Flash Array play Kaminario. Kaminario is not a new comer to SFD. They were a sponsor of the 1st SFD.

Kaminario bills itself as a scale-up and scale-out all-flash array. This sounds strange as most scale-out architectures take the same sized and shaped block and build out. If you want to build up, you can do so in uneven increments. Combining the to seems unnatural.

My knowledge of storage is based on the principle of RAID. The most efficient way to expand storage either at the drive level or modular brick level is to add an equal sized device.

My initial thought of solutions that claim to scale-out and scale-up is that something important is being sacrificed. It’s either space efficiency, which Kaminario is claiming to be 87.5% using their K-RAID technology or performance from overhead associated with a proprietary RAID technology. If you aren’t sacrificing performance, then you are going to pay for it. It’s the project manager in me. You can’t have flexibility, performance and low cost in equal quantities.

Architect’s View

Marketing such as what’s on Kaminario’s site raises my eyebrow, and I’m looking forward to peeling back the layers on the marketing to understand from where the sacrifice is coming.

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