Exablox – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

exablox-logoExablox is the next vendor up on my previews for Storage Field Day 7 (SFD). Exablox is no stranger to SFD. They made an appearance during SFD3 back in 2013. The video from their 2013 session are on YouTube. Exablox’ CTO Tad Hunt goes pretty deep into the technology behind their object store. If you are into the details of how and where bits are stored you will not be disappointed by his presentation. Exablox started up back in 2010 as a desire to redesign NAS based on object storage. So, Exablox is the first startup solution we are previewing.

Architects View

Exablox heavily leverages the hardware built into their appliances. The silicon in their appliances is required to deliver solid performance. The challenge with this approach is abstracting the storage services from the appliance. When thinking of cloud solutions Exablox becomes focused providing the physical underlay.

When looking at enterprise solutions that need to provide different storage features, Exablox may be a great option for providing object storage. Wrapping Exablox and block storage around a storage management system or cloud management platform becomes an interesting challenge. I haven’t given this much thought beyond providing storage directly to applications from Swift and Cinder or as part of the file system of a VM in VMware. I’m looking forward to see what improvements have come to their platform and how they are adapting to a software first world.

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