Cloudian – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

cloudian-logoCloudian is next up on our preview of Storage Field Day 7 (SFD7) sponsors. Cloudian’s HyperStore is a provider of S3 based storage for public or private cloud installations. If you are building a Cloud and want S3 compatibility, then Cloudian is a potential solution. I’m not going to get into specifics behind object storage in this post because I’m not a smart enough storage guy to add real value to the conversation. If you want a good deep discussion on storage, then I recommend heading over this Juku.IT where analyst Enrico Signoretti wrote an excellent white paper that digs deep into the technology. Enrico has been a big champion of object-based storage. I highly recommend spending some time on his blog.

The basic argument is file system and block storage aren’t up to the task of hosting cloud-based applications. Big data or mobile apps that need to scale out are better served via object-based storage. The success of Amazon S3 is an example of the potential market Cloudian is trying to crack. If organizations want the features of S3 but need either an private of hybrid solution then Hyperstore is an interesting option. The solution is a Server SAN based platform that can consist of either VM’s for Test/Dev or bare-metal Linux servers for production.

Architect’s View

I’m interested in HyperStore’s integration with OpenStack and CloudStack. Ultimately, if an organization chooses to deploy a Private or Hybrid Cloud, there’s little question that eventually there will be a need to touch AWS. The ability to bolt HyperStore on top of an OpenStack private cloud is intriguing. It gives the ability to adopt the OpenStack methodology but provide an extremely proper storage API to developers.

I’m also curious as to non-Cloud specific implementations. Not every enterprise needs the features of a full cloud management solution. There are plenty of use cases for applications that may benefit from S3 type storage but have no need for cloud-like compute. For example, an organization looking to build an mobile app for use by the sales force. There may be little to no appetite to deploy OpenStack just to get a storage API. Or there may be appeal to build the application in-house and move it out to AWS in the future.

I’m looking forward to having conversation regarding customers and use cases beyond just hybrid cloud and multi-tenant installations.

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