Catalogic Software – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

I’m going to attempt to imitate Justin Warren (@JPWarren), who does an outstanding job of providing previews of each vendor prior to Techfield Day. Since JP isn’t attending Storage Field Day 7 (SFD7), I’ll try and fill his shoes. While storage isn’t my primary area of expertise, it’s extremely valuable for me to get to talk to storage vendors directly. As an IT infrastructure architect, it’s helpful to get a view directly from the vendor of how they see their products integrating with customer infrastructures and applications. My opinion will be from that of an enterprise architect responsible for putting the whole picture together. Follow my SFD7 tag for the latest coverage.

Catalogic Software

logo_catalogicCatalogic primary product is ECX, which is one of the copy data management plays. The concept is to enable and manage multiple copies of production data. According to IDC (via Catalogic) data growth is 35% year over year with 60% of the data being copies of production data. Copy data solutions such as ECX look to help customers reduce the impact of copies of production data in the enterprise.

Wikibon has a nice write up on Catalogic.

Architect’s View

Copy data has been an area of interest for many smaller vendors. The concept is fairly straight forward. Common approaches use a combination of meta data, pointers and snapshots to reduce the storage front print of production data. In theory, these solutions allow for a more agile use of production data in test, dev & QA use cases.

If IDC’s numbers are correct then solutions such as ECX should have taken off years ago to reduce the amount of redundant data across the enterprise. These solutions go much further than storage de-duplication. Even if data is stored on separate DAS or Arrays, then ECX should still help reduce the overall foot print. I suspect one of the reasons that these solutions haven’t taken off is the friction introduced into the daily use of data as well as the need to scrub production data of sensitive data when copied to lower environments

I’m looking forward to seeing the demo and understanding how Catalogic envisions of reducing the friction normally associated with copy data. I can imagine some pretty interesting hybrid cloud use cases.

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6 thoughts on “Catalogic Software – Storage Field Day 7 Preview

  1. You are very kind. 🙂

    I’m looking forward to seeing what comes out of the week, and I’m glad you’re there to doing the while business/architect viewpoint. Plus a little envious, because a Tech Field Day event is always so much (exhausting) fun.

    Geek on!

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