Learning OpenDayLight via Brocade Documentation

One of the challenges I’ve faced with learning more about OpenDayLight is the lack of documentation available on the project’s homepage. As an infrastructure guy, one frustrating aspect of the open source community is the insistence that code is just as good or better than documentation. To say that OpenDayLigh documentation has been light to date is an understatement. Outside of a few cookbooks, there isn’t much in the form of formal documentation. Brocade changes that with their Vyatta controller.

First, the Vyatta Controller is a full product. Like with OpenStack, open source projects require a company to produce a product to get full support. With a product comes a full set of formal documentation. Brocade’s Vyatta Controller is no exception. An additional advantage of Brocade’s solution is that the Vyatta Controller is running an unmodified version of the OpenDayLight code. In theory, you could download the software from OpenDayLight.org and leverage the Brocade documentation to learn the application.

Brocade goes a step forward and makes the Vyatta Controller available for eval via Github.

Published by Keith Townsend

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