Virtual SDN (vSDN) will be a thing

A recent post by Joe Onisick highlighted VMware NSX’s inability to control physical bits. As a result, he positioned NSX as a Network Function Virtualization solution vs. a full SDN product. VMware may remind you that through VTEP and partnerships with their hardware partners, you have the ability to extend NSX to the physical level albeit without all the bell and whistles available to the virtual network..

Without getting into the vendor argument, the topic brought me to thinking at the abstracted level. At some point (maybe 5 years, more likely 30 years) large enterprises will abandon the physical data center. However, I see the logical data center continuing to exist. A potential design for networking in this model may be to create an enterprise network that rides atop one or more cloud providers. The enterprise data center is abstracted across a virtual cloud network.

The virtual cloud network would need to be managed by some non-physical solution. The mystical solution would be Virtualized Software Defined Networking or vSDN. Solutions such as Nuage and NSX would potentially fill the gap for this capability.

So there you go – vSDN.

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