Is Docker Gluten Free? – Click bait

As you might have imagined, this post has nothing to do with Docker. I authored a post comparing Docker to VMware vSphere. If you are familiar with both products, you will think it a silly comparison. If you are only familiar with one, you might be interested in the post. An interesting side effect of my post and the title is the emotion the comparison evoked. Some people knowledgeable about the topic shared their frustration with what they perceived as click bait.

// have one primary objective in most of my blog posts. The objective is to share my perspective and, as a result, hopefully, support a more informed community. A few of my posts will be “how to’s” but the majority will be me sharing industry information and my opinion. It’s a bit different approach than other people in the IT infrastructure community. Most people look to educate from a technical perspective.

If you have a technical lens then, some of my posts are not very beneficial. For the past few years, I’ve worked in either a management consulting role or an architect role. While technology is a part of my job, it hasn’t been my primary focus. I spend a lot of time talking to stakeholders that aren’t very technical. These stakeholders can be technology executives, application owners, accountants or business line managers. When they see “virtualiztion-like” technologies such as Docker, a common question will be can it replace VMware because they understand VMware is expensive.

It doesn’t matter if the technologies are the same or not. It doesn’t even matter if more money can be saved by going after larger expenses such as DB licensing. It doesn’t even matter if VMware licensing is just a very small percentage of their licensing and support cost. It’s been my experience that perception is truth.

I’ve spent more time clearing up misconceptions and perceptions than talking about actual technologies. My VMware vs. Docker post is from this lens. I look to help architects have conversations with non-technical resources. As a byproduct, they get to understand what Docker is and how it’s different from VMs. It’s also a method of self-service for the non-technical. If non-technical stakeholders search for “VMware vs. Docker” I hope, they come to my post and walk away with their question already answered. Thus avoiding or better improving the planned conversation with their technical team. Best case, a stakeholder will ask how business agility can be improved by integrating containers and VMs.
While my peers within the community may not get anything out of the posts directly, it’s my hope they benefit indirectly.

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One thought on “Is Docker Gluten Free? – Click bait

  1. And I completely misunderstood that when I commented on your VMware vs. Docker.
    I felt like such an idiot when you replied to my comment. 🙂

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