Tip – Expanding VMware Workstation Lab to multiple physical hosts

We will deviate from Jonathan’s series on setting up a vSphere Lab within VMware Workstation in this post.  One of the limitations of VMware Workstation and Fusion is the virtual networking.  With VMware ESXi you can associate a physical port to a vSwitch.  This allows you to share virtual networks between hosts.  VMware Workstation and Fusion doesn’t have the capability.

However, a work around is to leverage bridged networking to extend the management network to your physical network. The for all of the ESXi host management vKernels and Windows hosts, I place the interface on the bridged network.  This allows any machine on the physical network to communicate directly with the VM.  That includes other VM’s on another VMware Workstation host.  Below is a picture of the configuration.

Dual Workstations


This configuration gives you the option of placing your Windows servers on a secondary host which will relive your host running nested ESXi of resource issues. In the below Youtube video I walk-thru the configuration.  I also highly recommend the entire playlist which steps through Jonathan’s entire lab (as of this writing it’s still in progress).

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