Update on my job search

I haven’t provided an update on the job search in a while because, I’ve been busy searching for a job. I also haven’t been blogging on virtualizedgeek.com in a while because most of my technical content is being sold to pay the bills. So, thanks to all the sites that have been willing to sponsor my writings. I promise, I’ll get something more technical up on virtualizedgeek soon.

Update on the search
As a reminder, I’m using a social selling approach to my job search. Which means; the idea is not to apply for a job directly. Rather, I want to use my social media presence and this blog to attract employers. How has it been working? Well, it’s been about 5 weeks since I left my full-time gig at PwC. I’ve had 3 full rounds of interviews with 3 different companies. In the end, none of the roles were a good fit. The cultures of the companies were all a good fit, and I’m still working with all 3 to find a better fitting role.

I expected the search to take 3 to 4 months. This is especially the case as we go into the holiday season. One of the things I didn’t anticipate is the emotional impact of the time it takes to find a job. The social selling approach is a little scary because you don’t feel in control. During this period, I believe I’ve applied for about 15 jobs via job boards. To no surprise, going through the front door hasn’t resulted in any calls or interviews. I believe this validates my approach. My passive aggressive approach has netted several real opportunities with companies I really admire.

How do I search?
A question that comes up, if I’m not applying for jobs how do I search for jobs exactly. The answer: I engage my network through social media. I’ve focused on adding value. I have strong opinions on technology. Some of my peers on Twitter, LinkedIn and the blogosphere value or at least entertain my thoughts. I’ve intensified my participation on most of these mediums and share the progress of my search. This in-turn generates interest from the greater community. All of my real opportunities have been the result of this method. It’s a little scary but has proven to have a higher response rate than just submitting my resume.

If you break it down, I’m just leveraging my network. Twitter, VirtualizedGeek.com and LinkedIn are just the tools I use to stay in constant contact with my network. Because, I add value to the overall conversation or at least spark debate; my network has rewarded me with opportunities. I don’t participate in community to create work, but it’s a great side benefit.

Best of luck in your search!

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