VMworld 2014: Major announcements VMware gets it disruption back

VMware made what I felt are 3 major announcements at VMworld 2014 –





EVO – Hyper-Converged
It took 30 minutes for VMware’s CEO Pat Gelsinger to get to this announcement. He spent a lot of time prepping not just customers and attendees but hardware partners for this announcement. VMware has partnered with 6 OEM partners to deliver an integrated hyperconverged platform that will compete against Nutanix, which as owned the VMware hyperconverged market the past couple of years.
VMware announced two solutions around this platform – EVO Rails and EVO Rack. EVO Rails is a mid-range solution targeted for workloads up to 100VM’s. EVO Rack is geared toward workloads over 100 VM’s to “Cloud Scale.” What’s interesting is that EMC is one of the OEM partners.
Looks like VMware has completely embraced OpenStack. This isn’t a surprise. OpenStack has been gaining critical mass in the enterprise. VMware has created a vSphere friendly OpenStack appliance. As I’ve said in the past, OpenStack is hard and the industry needs vendors like VMware to make it easier.
Containers – Docker
VMware isn’t running away from containers. They aren’t sitting back and letting containers eat their market. One of the short comings of containers has been the management. VMware will team with Docker to bring their management expertise to container management. They are marketing it as “Containers without compromise.”
What do you think – any of these announcements disruptive?

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4 thoughts on “VMworld 2014: Major announcements VMware gets it disruption back

  1. “One of the short comings of containers has been the management.”

    Docker is still fairly new, there are a lot of management solutions already. Although people are still figuring out how best to use them. Everyone and their dog has their own ideas and is trying out some of their ideas. Most of them are open source so everyone can try them out.

    The matrix of possible solutions is already pretty full. From large players like Google, Amazon, OpenStack has 2 or was it 3 solutions. Providers like CenturyLink and DigitalOcean. Lots and lots of smaller players and open source projects. Even Microsoft.

    Do we need an other player ?

  2. OK, I had a look at some of the things they are going to work on. It’s basically VMware integration.

    Which is the boring bit, not the exciting part of what people mean they talk about management tooling. Things like ‘orchestration’.

  3. By accident I ran into an article that also mentioned Pivotal. I forgot about that. That is an EMC/VMware company that has CloudFoundry in it’s product list. My guess is, that is where you’d see Docker first.

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