VMworld 2014: SDDC 1.5

As I’m on my 4 1/2 hour flight to San Francisco for VMworld 2014, I’m reflecting on what I expect to see at this years conference. Last year was my first VMworld and I made the rookie mistake of scheduling too many sessions. The true value of attending a conference with 20,000 technology geeks is that you get the feel of what’s really happening out in the field and if VMware’s marketing message is resonating with their customers.

Last year’s conference was about introducing the concept of software defined storage and networking to the masses. Talking to conference goers there was an obvious buzz about NSX and some curiosity over VSAN. A year later, I can say with some certainty that VSAN has proved itself as the more practical technology as it has a bigger immediate market.

This year, I expect VMware to push the envelope on the message around the SDDC and how all of its products tie together to form a compelling SDDC strategy. My focus on this years conference will be to get a pulse around the concept from the community.

Other than the alleged hyperconverged hardware strategy, I don’t expect any major surprises. I view this year as SDDC 1.5 where VMware will re-enforce the vision.

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