Software Defined vs. Virtualized Data Center – Tech Talk 39

Simply virtualizing a data center doesn’t mean that it’s a software defined data center (SDDC). One of the principal goals of software defined is to support the cloud data center. Providers such as Amazon, Google and Microsoft are examples of cloud based infrastructures. The ability to dynamically allocate and provision resources is facilitated through automation and orchestration. The aim of the SDDC design is to allow the enterprise to inherit the orchestration ability of the aforementioned public cloud providers without possessing specialized hardware platforms.

In this episode of my Tech Talks, I address the potential of SDDC and differences between SDDC and virtualization.


Published by Keith Townsend

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2 thoughts on “Software Defined vs. Virtualized Data Center – Tech Talk 39

  1. Hello, I have noticed on your website you are increasing the number of ‘Tech Talks’ videos, I would advice you invest in a decent camera kit and produce better quality videos with proper lighting and sound…it will be good for your social image and website in the long run.

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