Wet your VMworld whistle with this SDDC symposium

I’m headed to Tech Field Day’s Storage Field Day 5 (SFD) next month as a delegate.  I know what you are thinking, hey Keith you aren’t a storage guy.  No, I’m not a pure storage guy, but it speaks to the convergence of the infrastructure.  I expect get of bunch of relevant information around the Virtual First Data Center(VFDC).  Great opportunity to provide commentary from the lens I focus on which is between the management and technology stacks.  But I digress.  I wanted to highlight the preamble to SFD which is a Software Defined Data Center symposium hosted by Gestalt IT the organizer of TFD.

It’s a great opportunity to wet your whistle for VMworld 2014.  I expect it to be a bit more intimate setting than a VMworld but larger than most VMUG’s.  I’m looking forward to having one-on-one conversations with these thought leaders and seeing where the software defined data center is in it’s maturity.  It a chance to step outside of my daily bubble of influence.

So, if you find yourself in Santa Clara April 22 it would be nice to meet you in-person.


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