One thought on “Pros/Con Converged Infrastructure – Techtalk 37

  1. Something very off-topic:
    HP on Itanium, hmm I thought that was already pronounced dead ?

    I did some looking around, it’s seems to be more like pronounced ‘deprecated’ in Nov. 2013. Basically HP is Intel’s biggest customer and Intel isn’t doing any real new development anymore.

    Looking back, maybe it should have already been pronounced dead when Oracle bought Sun. Because the number of customers of HP on Itanium seems limited and some number of those customers are/were running Oracle. When Oracle got the Sun hardware, they wanted out of the HP/Itanium deal.

    And in November HP announced they would port NonStop to x86.

    Kind of strange and scary how projects come and go. For example Compaq started the Linux OpenSSI project in 2007 to port NonStop to Linux and then HP eventually stopped that development. And the last release of the project was in 2012. It was a working system, it just didn’t have the stringent bugfixing and performance optimizations yet.

    Then again the number of customers for these kind of customers is low, because the really high performance interconnects are so expensive. Let’s hope Silicon Photonics finally solves that problem.

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