Oracle & SDN washing

I was wondering what ever happened to Oracle’s “SDN” solution they inherited from their purchase of Xsigo.  I hated that Oracle labeled it a SDN solution.  It seemed a stretch at the time, and I don’t see anything fundamentally different in the solution.  It looks identical to the product Xsigo was selling over a year ago.

I consider it SDN washing if that’s a term.  Interesting enough they’ve purchased another SDN company Corente.

Judge for yourself.  Do you consider Oracle’s SDN infrastructure solution an actual SDN product?

Oracle SDN (Software Defined Network) | Oracle Virtual Networking | Oracle

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2 thoughts on “Oracle & SDN washing

  1. I think SDN and Converged Networking (which is what Xsigo was originally branded as being) are pretty closely related. Oracle I think still sells it, but the product is dying. I’ve heard the support really sucks, and that they have taken all of the development off of the product and moved it to other things. They don’t even had ESXi 5.5 drivers out, and that has been available since late september of last year.

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