New Year Goals – 2014 The Year of Excellence

2014 is going to be my year of excellence or at least the year I focus on it.  One of the things I’ve struggled with over the years is being a “detailed focused” person.  I’m very good at taking very big problems, digesting them and coming up with creative solutions.  I’m not good at taking a bunch of “small” tasks and completing each and everyone correctly.  A great example is blogging.  If you follow any of my blogs, you will see I’m able to tackle a large range of topics.  However, one thing I’ve always struggled with is paying attention to wording and grammar.

I write a good deal of material in my day job.  However, in my work related writing the value I bring is the ability to create a solution and a high level structured document.  I have a team of people behind me to take care of the details.  It has never been one of my strengths.

As a matter of fact,  it’s one of my weakest areas.  I have pretty thick skin.  Thick skin is a pre-requisite for a blogger. One thing I can promise, if you blog long enough you’ll find more than enough people to highlight your weakness.  One of the difficulties is being able to take the criticism well intentioned or not and improve.  That’s what this year is about for me personally.  I’m looking to take a step back and live to the potential of my ability.

I’m changing my approach to tasks this year, in an effort to become a much more complete blogger, employee, father, husband and person.  One of the things I’ve noticed about my character is that I will rush through tasks even when there isn’t a need.  I’ll have a tickle that tells me that the work can be refined to be better, but in haste, I’ll present something that isn’t my best possible work.

This year, I’m changing this habit by taking the time to be excellent when presented with the opportunity to perform my best work.  As an example, I’ve subscribed to an online grammar checking tool that I’ll use to check my writings.

I’m still going to create a standard list of goals such as running 1500 miles and continuing my goal of reading the entire Bible.  The biggest change is going about challenges with the same level of detail that I put into blogging.

Here’s to 2014 – The Year of Excellence!

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3 thoughts on “New Year Goals – 2014 The Year of Excellence

  1. Not that i really believe in setting yearly goals, it’s just a list of medium to long term goals and knowing where I can improve.

    My goals for this year can be summed up pretty simple:
    Automate all the things (that aren’t yet automated) and hopefully learn from that how not to automate (learn from the mistakes) so I can improve on previous attempts.

    My guess would be: trying to find better ways to let the code be idempotent is most likely the outcome.

      1. Takes a lot of time I guess. 😉

        Anyway, 2013 was much more design, 2014 will probably be more implementation.

        I’ve been busy with implementation in December.

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