Guess what: Windows Server isn’t dead!

DevelopersForbes is asking the question if solutions like Docker mark the end of virtualization.  Without getting into the debate of how containers can be a compliment to virtualization, it got me to thinking about how out of touch the tech news media is with the enterprise.  If you only read sources like Forbes you’d think every enterprise runs on AWS, has a ton of developers and have completely abandoned Windows.  It’s been a long time since someone has trusted me with the Administrative password to production systems but last I checked Microsoft still has a pretty good share of the enterprise server market.  Linux is obviously a major force in the enterprise but traditional enterprises haven’t stopped deploying Windows Server 2012/2008 or 2003 for that matter.  Solutions like Docker are aimed at developers and companies that have very heavy developer driven environments.  This is not the typical enterprise today.  My experience has been that companies still embrace packaged software that runs on Windows and use Linux to replace legacy Unix based applications and appliances.

I see this Forbes post as one of those articles your CIO brings you to show you how you can reduce your VMware bill.  Then comes the Windows vs. Linux conversation you’ve already had.

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