Deploy OpenStack (Havana) On Your Laptop Using Vagrant And Chef

I don’t reblog as often but this is flat out cool and needs as much exposure as possible. Thanks Ken!

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My Rackspace colleague, James Thorne, has a post on his extremely useful blog that uses the 4.2.1 release of the Rackspace Private Cloud (RPC) to install the Havana release of OpenStack on a laptop using Vagrant and Chef.  Since James’ post actually uses the GA version of RPC and includes Neutron Networking, I highly recommend that readers use the instruction in his post instead.


Not long ago, I posted an article outlining how you could install a HA OpenStack environment on your laptop or workstation, using Vagrant with a virtualization tool, such as VirtualBox, VMware Workstation, or VMware Fusion.  That post borrowed heavily from another post by my Rackspace colleague, James Thorne and was designed to allow someone to get up and running quickly on OpenStack for testing and demonstrating high-availability.  Since then, a new release of OpenStack, code-named Havana, has been released, with some important…

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