VMware is stealing all of the great bloggers

ThiefOne of the things I love about blogging is the career opportunities it creates for bloggers.  I’ve personally benefited by having my professional profile lifted via VirtualizedGeek.  But, as a techie and consumer of some great blogs, one of the things I hate about blogging is that a lot of the great independent voices of our community get hired away by the very vendors they cover.  It’s a love hate type of relationship for me.  I love to see people get the opportunity of a life time to go work for companies that they are passionate about.  And from a customer perspective these resources add deeply to the roster of talent the vendors have at their disposal to support and improve their products.  I’ve found technology bloggers to be among some of the best talent available on the market.  It makes perfect sense that vendors would want to hire candidates that are knowledgeable and passionate and have the ability to communicate about the products that they sell.

However, for those of us that look to these guys and gals as resources for independent critiques on these same vendors, it creates a void every time one of them is hired away.  I think the challenge is especially pronounced in the VMware community.  Virtualization is a tough technical topic to master let alone write about with any level of authority.  Believe me, I’ve tried.  It’s also a complex topic from a vendor landscape.  It’s generally accepted that VMware is the leader in virtualization technologies.  But, it’s nice to have knowledgeable independent sources for data to validate the assumption and help us understand how other vendors measure up to the industry leader.  These types of critiques come from independent bloggers.

When someone signs your check, it becomes much more difficult to be critical of the organization.  I think overall the solution is for vendors to continue to push community programs such as the Microsoft MVP and VMware vExpert program to generate new voices.  I’m grateful to VMware and its commitment to the blogger community.  My only complaint (well not my ONLY one) is that I wish they’d release the NSX bits to the vExpert community (I know shameless unrelated plug).

The bottom line is that we need more people blogging and I’m hoping it inspires some of you guys to start a blog.  You never know, you might get a call from VMware recruiting 🙂

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2 thoughts on “VMware is stealing all of the great bloggers

  1. Great post on how impartial blogging is needed. I like your point about the benefits of blogging (ie. technical communication). The number of years of your experience creates a great “20/20” perspective but, what can I do if I am a novice and passionate about multiple IT paths? For example, I am focusing on offering SAS, SQL related analytical skills, and integrating Microsoft’s BI/DW solutions. I am just starting my Python add-on all while creating my own pet web-scripting projects using jQuery, CSS and HTML. The 1st task on my todo list includes regularly posting b content to my blog. While the 2nd, 3rd and … include keen interests in developing research in educational data models while reving up to develop the skills to create a recommender engine , data mining and web application that brings innovation to the K-12 STEM ecosystem. Any replies are welcomed.

    1. I think you should blog about your journey. People become interested in you after awhile. You’ll attract some people looking at those specific topics but you’ll also attract people that are interested in your overall objectives. I’m sure there’s an audience for your diverse interests.

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