Cisco and VMware make Billion Dollar bets on SDN

rollthediceBoth Cisco and VMware have bet big on SDN as the future of the multi-billion dollar network industry.  VMware bet big on the purchase of Nicira and released their NSX product network virtualization solution as a way forward away from hardware first solutions such as typical Cisco product.  Cisco in kind has answered back with their bet on their “spin-in” Insieme Network.   Which is poised to announce their hardware based solution ACI.  It’s Cisco’s hope that ACI will keep them ahead of all their competitors.  VMware has publically said that their relationship with Cisco remains a strong partnership.  But, make no doubt about it.  VMware has encroached on their long time partner’s field of play and Cisco hasn’t just sat back and welcomed the friendly competition.

Cisco has been aggressive with their response to the competition and has hammered NSX as a “software only” solution that’s not up to the task.   I’ve wrote a deep dive in an effort dispel the FUD around the marketing marksmanship currently in the market.   This is definitely an exciting time in the network industry.  I guess $1B+ bets have that tendency.

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