Cloud Computing the business solution – TechTalk Episode 27

The return of the TechTalks!  Its been almost a month since my last video.  This is a quicker hit chat about Cloud Computing as a business solution.  A quick conversation on the why of cloud computing.  This will spawn an extended blog post at some point.

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One thought on “Cloud Computing the business solution – TechTalk Episode 27

  1. First off I think many advantages already came from virtualization and there are still more to come if the storage and networking vendors are to be believed. 🙂

    First things that come to mind for me is on cloud computing:
    – automation: cloud at it’s basic core is virtualization and an API to request/control resources. Obviously virtualization platforms already have some of their own. Cloud supposedly is that next step, where all resources have an API. That API makes automation possible. Having more automation reduces cost so you don’t have to repeat yourself. Reducing cost seems like a good business case. 😉

    – cloud self service portal. I don’t how many enterprises which have virtualization have anything close to this, but it this is a big one for developers, QA and so on. You don’t have to ask someone else to create temporary machines, network and loadbalancer for testing or whatever it is you need to do. And you can destroy it or only shut it down when your done. You can do it all yourself. You might have a budget or other constraint in place of course.

    – DR – well if/when cloud environments are deployed at the enterprise it might make it easier to do DR, because of automation as mentioned above. You might even be able run certain applications (temporarily) in the public cloud. You might need less resources at a DR-site because you know certain applications will be running somewhere else if bad things happen.

    Or maybe at a cloud provider with support for bare metal as a form of added security if you don’t trust your neighbors running on the same hardware. There are even ‘community clouds’. However you slice or dice it if environments look more alike, it should be easier.

    Indirectly “cloud computing” is having an effect on how new applications are being developed and deployed: cloud-ready and webscale with devops automation sprinkled on top. I personally think in the long run this is gonna be a big deal. Because these applications should be easier to deploy, scale and manage because they can heal/scale themselves. This isn’t only about large scale applications, but also about scaling down.

    Is that what you had in mind ?

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