VMworld Session – Everything you want to know about vCloud Service PHC5605-S

My raw notes from the session

What challenges is Hybrid vCloud Service trying to solve

Growing chasm between business and IT due to lack of agility

Lack of trust for business-critical workloads in the public cloud

The Solution

VMware vCloud Service – Software Data Center for Rent

The basic goal is to bring what you have to the cloud and install it on VMware’s cloud based hypervisor platform. This approach gives the technical ability to bring your licenses to VMware Cloud.  One of the challenges with this is that some providers such as Microsoft don’t allow you to bring your licenses to a Cloud Provider.   Hybrid Cloud provides an option to license these products from VMware directly like most other providers.

Another objective is to bring your own tooling.  Obliviously, if you are a heavy VMware shop and use VMware tools or have built tools that support your vSphere environments then you will be more likely be able to bring your own tools without (much) customization.

The ability to bridge you layer 2 and 3 networks to the Hybrid cloud allows you to in theory easily move workloads from your own data.

This sounds like a cloud service specifically designed to run enterprise workloads within a cloud provider in a vSphere type management model.


Time was spent addressing the technical features of the service.

  • Up to a 112GB VM Size
  • Up to 20GB(2x 10GB links) of aggregate bandwidth per server
  • VXLAN to support multi-tenant networks
  • Single hop storage (SSD Accelerated)
  • Dedicated vMotion Network


How much does it cost?  Cost is based on a subscription model (not pay for use).  The capacity based model makes it simple for resellers and provide a more predictable cost for budgeting.  Pay as you go will come.

Dedicate Cloud (Fully Isolated)

$.103 – $.133/hr (based on volume)

24×7 Support $.0097 – $0.0019/hr

Persistent Disk $0.013-$.17/GB/mo

Bandwidth – $0.029 – $0.032/Mbps/hr

Only requires vCenter (vCloud Director not needed)

Virtual private cloud

.04 – $0.045/hr

24×7 Support $007 – $.0089/hr


So, far there are only three US based physical data centers online.

Santa Clara, CA

Las Vegas, NV

Sterling, VA

Savvis will partner with VMware in two additional locations in September (Chicago, NJ) and VMware expects to announce two international data centers in the coming months.

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