VMworld 2013 – Major Announcements (Live Blog)


This was my first live VMworld Keynote.  This was a well-polished production with a to capacity audience.  Robin Matlock VMware’s Chief Marketing Officer first taking the stage and honoring a handful of conference faithful who have attended all 10 VMworlds.

Robin walks us through the history of VMware’s disruptive technologies including ESX, vMotion and DRS. This leads us to the future of innovation at VMware with VMware’s CEO Pat Gelsinger’s.  Based on VMware’s history, I’m expecting pretty major news.

Pat walked through what he called the eras of Computing –


Client Server


Mobile brings an era that creates an infrastructure that looks much different than those of the Mainframe and Client Server eras.  With that, the first question is how to build the infrastructure of tomorrow while reducing today’s cost and who will build and lead this infrastructure.  The purpose of this keynote is to

His basic answer was Virtualization and Virtualization Administrators. Specifically, the theme seemed to try to move past x86 virtualization and into Software-Defined Data Center (SDDC).  In order to have a successful SDDC strategy he concentrates on 4 areas.

Server Virtualziation

vSphere 5.5

In order to have a SDDC solution you have to support mission critical apps.  In order to support this mission VMware needed to address some limitation of vSphere 5.1.  One is virtual disk size limitation. VMware has increased the virtual disk size limit from 2TB to 32TB 62TB.  vSphere 5.5 also includes better service side flash storage caching to improve performance as well.

Cloud Foundry

More direct support for Cloud Foundry, which highlights the continued need to tightly integrate with PaaS solutions and providers.


Software defined storage is one of those topics that get lost due to lack of taxonomy.  He offered this taxonomy.

Policy Driven Control Plane

Virtual Data Plane

Application-Centric Data Services

Virtual SAN

Taking a note from 3rd party solutions that use white box approach to storage convergence such as Nutanix Virtual SAN allows for the creation of converged storage using the local storage in the servers to create policy driven storage.  This will create some pressure on companies such as Nutanix to further define their value beyond basic SAN capabilities.


Over a year ago VMware announced NSX via their purchase of Nicira.  However, there hasn’t been a shipping product from VMware.  So, VMware announced NSX, again.  And it’s still not shipping.  According to VMware NSX is to support any hypervisor and any management platform. – Related Post – Network Virtualization isn’t Vaporware

Martin Casado announced the actual product.

There was nothing new in the form of concepts.  NSX is a network hypervisor providing virtual network ports.  An interesting note is that virtual ports have surpassed physical ports in counts.  Also, some current customers using Nicira’s OpenSwitch, which is the predecessor to NSX were introduced.  The customer testimony list included ebay (3000 nodes), Citi and GE.


Open Stack (as spelled on the slide) is looked upon as a “component” solution for VMware.  VMware looks to continue to integrate their different components as part of their Open Stack approach.  So,continued vSphere, NSX and vSAN (my assumption) integration but no vOpenStack. – Related Post – vOpenStack That’s Right vOpenStack

Hybrid Cloud

VMware Hybrid cloud is now generally available.  This will be an interesting solution that will need to find a space next to vCloud based partner solutions.  Two cool solutions were Desktop as a service and DR.  Hybrid service can now be used as a destination for SRM (Service Recovery Manager) for DR.

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2 thoughts on “VMworld 2013 – Major Announcements (Live Blog)

  1. Hi Keith,

    Good summary. My understanding is, VMware supports virtual disk size upto 62TB with vSphere 5.5. I see that you listed as 32TB. Previous limit was 2TB – 512. Now, VMware supports VMDK size upto 62TB as well as for the RDM.


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