VMworld is coming up and I’m excited

I’ve been blogging about virtualization and virtualization related topics for 3 years now and have been using virtualization since the early days of Virtual PC.  But, I have yet to ever go to VMworld.  Last year was a conflict in scheduling due to a highly visible project I had going on and the year before was finances.  This year, I’ve committed to going to VMworld no matter the obstacle.  I’ve had plenty of them from not being sure if my employer would flip the tab to challenging projects at work.

VMworld for me is an investment that had to be made from a time and expense perspective.  I’m not as interested in the technical sessions as much as the sessions hosted by customers such as Paypal as they discuss levering ESXi and OpenStack and other customers that have leveraged VMware technologies to support their DR and BC efforts.  I’ll also pretty excited to meet all the folks I’ve met via social networking.  Lastly, I’m pretty excited to see the latest technologies and services around virtualization.

I expect to get plenty of video material for future tech talks and will be live blogging where possible.  I’m looking forward to the time.

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One thought on “VMworld is coming up and I’m excited

  1. Ha! Just as I was about to complain about not being able to go to VMWorld because PayPal didn’t care about virtualization… I need to change that to: PayPal’s UX team doesn’t design interfaces that require knowledge of virtualization.

    It still means that I can’t go, I’m jealous, and miss IT UX 🙂

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