Who do I follow

I thought I’d do a quick post on who I follow on twitter and why.  These are some of the main sources of material for the site outside of my own little brain. 


This list has become my primary RSS replacement.  Most of these guys/gals have very similar interests as mine not just in virtualization but also secondary stuff.


I discovered Barbara Darrow via GigaOM.com a while back.  She’s a journalist and focuses on Cloud computing.  She also posts a lot of non-GigaOM posts as well.  I do have to suffer from her bad taste in sports teams.  But it’s worth it.


Well he’s Scott Lowe, author of Mastering vSphere 5.0 and a virtual networking expert.


Lennie is a regular commentor on my blog.  He’s actually a valuable source of deep tech material and videos.  It amazes me how much video material he consumes.


Formally VCE_Ken.  Ken Hui is a new Racker and former employee of VCE but he really doesn’t have a strong alliance to anything but OpenStack.  Ken is a great resource to get deep dives and an introduction to OpenStack.  He’s also a great intersection between OpenStack and VMware.

The Geek Whispers

Amy Lewis (@comms_ninja) is all about Unicorns, Bacon and Cisco Marketing.  She hosts the Geek Whispers podcast along with John Troyer (@jtroyer) and Matthew Brender (@mjbrender).  I’ve gotten a ton of great branding advice from these three over the past few months.  Great tech content from their twitter feeds along with the branding/blogging tips.

There are others but the vExpert list kind of collapsed it all for me outside of a couple of folks that aren’t vExperts.

Hope this helps you get a little closer to my material source.

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