vExpert 2013

I’ve been blogging for about 3 years on virtualization and virtualization related topics.  I really didn’t get into it for accolades but as a way to force myself to learn new things and in the process teach others.  It was also a way to point potential clients or employers to me during a tough job market.  I’ve really enjoyed progressing to a level of respect to be recognized as a vExpert in 2013.  It doesn’t symbolize how much I know about technology but about how much I contribute to the community.  You can find the entire list here.

I think it’s important that vendors help grow strong communities lead by individuals such as VMware’s vExperts or Microsoft’s MVP’s.  It’s not only a great way to recognize those who contributed most to the community but a way to help grow the knowledge around the product.  I hope other vendors follow suit and offer community badges such as Microsoft’s and VMware’s.

Now the challenge is to keep up the work of posting videos, blogs posts and contributing to the overall industry.

Published by Keith Townsend

Now I'm @CTOAdvisor

2 thoughts on “vExpert 2013

  1. Hi Keith, I love your site containing easy to comprehend guides and other related news. Its really commendable that you spend tons of hours posting your progress and along the way allow others to learn from you. I’m your fan and hope someday I can follow your footsteps 🙂

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