MacBook Pro with Retina Display for Virtualization Lab pt 2

A while back ago I considered purchasing a 15″ Macbook Pro w/ Retna Dispay for a virtualization lab.  I came to the conclusion that there were two things limiting me from pulling the trigger.  The first was lack of memory options and configurations and thus the cost needed to get a decent lab.  Back when I wrote the article it would have taken $3,700 to buy a MBP with enough RAM to develop reasonably complex virtualization labs.  The second issue was lack of a network editor in Fusion 4.0 which was the current version at the time.

Well I pulled the trigger and brought a 13″ MBP/Retina with 8GB of RAM and Fusion 5.0 Pro which has a network editor.  The results?  Not enough RAM to do my traditional lab with 2 ESXi servers and a Windows infrastructure for vCenter.  I can however build a 2 node configuration with a nested vCenter appliance.  It really smokes with the SSD but the 8GB is just too limiting to do anything complex such as an HA lab.  Thankfully that’s not why I brought the machine but I think it’s helpful to know if you were considering it for a lab machine.

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4 thoughts on “MacBook Pro with Retina Display for Virtualization Lab pt 2

  1. Oh man you just read my mind and answer my question, about the amount of memory a MBP 15″ are too expensive, I was thinking about MBP 13″ but like you said is not enough memory for HA labs. Thanks for your post.

  2. Right now am Sr. Server Administrator, I work a lot with VMware, Windows Server, Exchange and am stuying MS SQL do you think MBP 13″ with 8gb are going to be enough for me or I have to go for a MBP 15″ with 16gb??

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