How long can Cisco and VMware be friends?

I’ve always felt kind of uneasy about the Cisco/VMware relationship.  Server hardware provider’s have to support VMware because consolidation and management based on virtualized compute has become a no-brainer.   This relationship has allow hardware companies to continue to sell servers by add value to the VMware stack.  Likewise, VMware is pursuing Network Virtualization with full steam.  Network Virtualization doesn’t have the same driver in the form of consolidation but they do in operations.  

In this guest post over on SearchSDN, I ask the question is Will the VMware-Cisco Relationship Become Irrelevant?

Published by Keith Townsend

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4 thoughts on “How long can Cisco and VMware be friends?

  1. Did you notice the poll on the page that says something like “will VMware make Cisco irrelevant in the virtual switch space ?”. A 100% of the people voted: yes

    Not sure how many people voted, not that many I assume, but still what poll gets a 100% ?

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