2013 Goals – Earn VCP Chec… Not so Fast!

As earlier mentioned I was going for my VCP and today was exam day.  Just like every certification I’ve earned prior to taking this test I refused to move the test date due to lack of preparation   And just like most of my other certification tests, I was studying up until the last minute due to lack of preparation.  Well, I passed (barely) and was on my way to check off getting my VCP on my big goals for 2013.  It then the I realized that the VCP wasn’t even on the list.  Of all the stupid things I have “Renew my CCNA” which expired in March on the list.  I just said the other day that I wasn’t even going to renew the certification!  It’s a very worthwhile cert but I was thinking of just letting it lapse. Well I guess I have to do it since it’s on the Internet and everything on the Internet is….

A better question was why didn’t I put the VCP on the list?  Well at least I’m done and can hopefully move on to actually completing something on my big 2013 list.  Don’t ask me how my Spanish is coming :0


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