Yahoo! is still Sexy

I know I’ve poked fun at Yahoo! in the past but don’t get me wrong, for Cloud computing professionals I believe they are one of the most exciting places to work.

Yahoo!’s current VP of Cloud resigned to become the CTO of Go Daddy. I don’t believe Marissa will have a shortage of eager candidates applying to fill the role. Yahoo may be stale to developers when its compared to traditional Silicon Valley environments but there’s no question they have an exciting environment for fans of big data and Cloud computing. They are large and early backers of Hadoop and have a wealth of big data to leverage.

Yahoo! Mail is still among the largest of free mail solutions and very few sites have more traffic than Yahoo!’s home page. I asked the question earlier to my peers if they’d answer a call from a Yahoo! recruiter and the answer was yes across the board.

If you are in the sexy application developer crowd Yahoo! may not be very exciting but us virtualization geeks think otherwise.

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One thought on “Yahoo! is still Sexy

  1. If HTML5 or webdevelopment is the same or similar to application development than Yahoo was amazing. They started whole movements and trends in that industry.

    And now the people that worked there that were so influential all work at other companies: Douglas Crockford/PayPal, Steve Souders/Google, Nicholas Zakas/Box?

    As a simple example, have you ever heared of a data-format called JSON ? Many webservices now use JSON. And almost all new webservices that are being developed are using JSON. The enterprise is (usually ?) the last one to adopt it.

    I guess that is what you get when people get uncertainty about the future of the company. They leave.

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