VMware Certified Professional – Will this thing actually add value to my career?

I decided to sit for the VMware Certified Professional (VC) test.  I’ve been using VMware since Virtual Infrastructure 3.5 (ESX 3.5) and figured why not take the exam since I did take the Install, Configure and Manage course back in October of 2012.  My current role as a Management Consultant and previous role as a Chief Architect really doesn’t call for me to have in-depth operational knowledge of products.  I just need understand the large moving parts between different products and deliver a high level solution to customers to be effective from a technical perspective.

In order to be effective in my overall job I need to understand the business drivers behind technology decisions, understand the organizational impact and help manage organizational change to be effective in my overall responsibilities.  So, as I’m taking the practice examine, I’m reminded of how tedious studying for technical exams can be.  I’m being asked via a sentence things like, “When looking at this part of the interface what options are available.”

This is extremely frustrating for someone with my role to answer without using the product every single day or taking the time to read study guides for about a month.  I’m questioning out loud if this will actually adds enough value to actually sit the exam.  I have no desire to really go back to a full technical role but the certification does have some cliche to it even when not in a pure technical role or working for a VMware partner.

I’m actually thinking this is where the vExpert membership as advantages over the VCP.

I’ll stop procrastinating via writing this post and get back to memorizing “What firewall ports need to be opened between the ESXi host and the vCenter server”

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