Will “hybrid public” cloud give VMware its mojo back?

I asked the question last year if it was too late for OpenStack. I think it’s fair to now ask the question is it too late for VMware in gaining mind share in the Cloud space. This article over on GigaOm does a pretty good job of summarizing my thoughts on where VMware is in the Public Cloud market.


It may be a cliche, but it’s also true: VMware(s vmw) is at a crossroads. The company, which dominates server virtualization in company data centers, continues to struggle for credibility in the cloud — and it’s new plans for hybrid vCloud service haven’t done much to fix that.

This “VMware vCloud Hybrid Service,” to be run from partner data centers and sold by VMware’s channel but managed by VMware, is slated to come online later this year. VMware pitches it as a way for the company’s 480,000 customers “to reap the benefits of the public cloud without changing their existing applications while using a common management, orchestration, networking and security model.”

But VMware faces a raft of challenges.

Too little too late?

First of all, many of those VMware customers have already tested out other cloud offerings — Amazon(s amzn) Web Services, or a third party service provider, MSP or…

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One thought on “Will “hybrid public” cloud give VMware its mojo back?

  1. As cloud computing continues to get more popular, obviously more service providers are going to pop up. VMware is still the big name, but they need to be willing to adapt in order to stay that way.

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