Hmmm… The value of the vExpert membership to VirtualizedGeek

If you are a normal reader of VirtualizedGeek you’ll know that I favor VMware as a solution but this isn’t a VMware website.  I am a virtualization evangelist.  I believe the blog reflects the fact that I have a board tech interest spread across several different vendors.  With this focus in mind I’ve been looking at the vExpert program.  Recently VMware announced the application deadline for 2013 membership into their vExpert program which is a VMware advocate program.  The vExpert program allows a lot of cool privileges like free license keys, access to beta software and marketing material.  I think I might have contributed enough to the overall VMware community to take a shot at obtaining the membership.

However, I wondered how participating in any vendor advocacy program would look to my readership.  I’ve always personally viewed people with the Microsoft MVP or vExpert as Microsoft or VMware “guys.”  I like my “above the fray” approach to blogging.  How do you view these advocacy programs and the blogs (which are normally great) ran by people that participate in them?

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2 thoughts on “Hmmm… The value of the vExpert membership to VirtualizedGeek

  1. I recently did something similar, enrolling in becoming an acknowledged “expert” for a growing Australian software tools company. During the interviews however, I became uncomfortable that my status as “expert” came with some hidden strings, which was enough to put me off. That said, I think VMware and other large vendors are mature enough not to take that approach, but if they did, I personally would run a mile…

    I think having vExpert status allows any blog posts written to have a much more authoritative feel to it, which is very powerful when reading balanced blog posts.

    If you do go down that route, good luck…

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