VirtualizedGeek Tech Talks Episode 3

In episode 3, I talk about the Ars Technica article on VMware vs. AWS and if VMware needs to worry about Amazon’s price cuts.

Yet another large company has rolled back their tele-work program.  Bestbuy announced the end of R.O.W.E.

Last and most fun, we talk about my virtual vs. physical blog post.


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One thought on “VirtualizedGeek Tech Talks Episode 3

  1. “I find it really hard to believe that we cannot collectively beat a company that sells books”

    I believe the words you are looking for is: ‘economies of scale’ even the commenters on the article understood that. Even their hardwarepartners like HP or Dell understand that.

    As you’ve mentioned before commodity hypervisors is the other big threat to VMWare.

    I have no idea what they are doing and judging by just this single line it sure looks like they don’t too. But it is just one quote.

    The other fact the commenters also understood is: adapt or die.

    It does not look like they are doing that at all as you mentioned before. It looks more like going backwards to me.

    Or they just don’t know how to adapt to this situation. I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be in their situation.

    Microsoft will eat up their smaller customers first and work their way up, with both a public and private cloud offering and making it as easy as they can make to move workloads between them (and no other public cloud). My guess is those smaller customers have less uptime requirements (or budget) so it will be good enough for them.

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