Cloud Foundry faces fear of forking

Let me get out my “I wonder where EMC/VMware is going” drum and beat it a little more. I still believe PaaS is the long term future of Cloud in the enterprise which is what I care about. As us traditional enterprise types start to hire talent from the start-up world they will bring their cloud first approach to the projects they work in the enterprise.

This will push those of us that are use to IaaS to offer PaaS type solutions (Developers ultimately call the shots in the enterprise). Who will we turn to for API’s. Will it be VMware, OpenStack, CloudFoundry etc and who will influence the decision more the Developers of Infrastructure geeks? My bet is on the developers.

That’s why this stuff is important even like me you are an enterprise infrastructure SME and why vendors need to get out in front of developers while keeping infrastructure managers happy. IMO VMware had the best chance of getting out in front of both developers and infrastructure management with CloudFoundry. I can’t say I see that same potential but I don’t get paid to be a product manager.


The rumblings have been around for weeks but now they’re breaking the surface: Cloud Foundry, the open source platform-as-a-service framework faces a bit of an insurrection. Several vendors, such as AppFog, ActiveState, Tier 3, Uhuru, etc. — have built PaaSes atop the framework and some have quietly been mulling forking the Cloud Foundry code, citing lack of clarity about the project’s future.

cloudfoundrylogoThe attraction of the multi-vendor Cloud Foundry effort is that, in theory, it would provide customers an array of compatible PaaSes from different vendors. If they don’t like their experience with one, they can move their code elsewhere. But now the prospect of a “fork” looms with some other vendors thinking of splitting off and doing their own iterations. Worst case scenario: that could negate any promise of compatibility. And that raises the old bugaboo of vendor lock-in which even PaaS providers say has restricted business…

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One thought on “Cloud Foundry faces fear of forking

  1. As a developer, I love idea of PaaS. I also really like CF, but have not tried other PaaS offerings, so not sure what the competition is like.

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