10 Collaboration improvements Yahoo can make


I love the idea of Yahoo! employees no longer being able to work from home.  I have 10 more suggestions for Marissa to improve both collaboration and morale at Yahoo!

1. Install 56K modems in all laptops – Hey the last time it was standard equipment on laptops Yahoo was the king of all things Internet

2. Replace desktop LCD’s with CRT’s – It will make employees in the office look skinny which will encourage them to stay longer

3. Input code via punch card – They can dominate the 1950’s era mainframe market.  Hey why not? They are going for 1950’s style collaboration.

4. Allow women to take up to 2 weeks off after giving birth

5. Require job applicants to show up at a local Yahoo! office to submit their employment application

6. Reduce the number of water coolers to encourage larger impromptu collaboration sessions

7. Install a stock ticker at everyone’s desk and have only one symbol “Goog”

8. Decommission the internal intranet to encourage more face to face dialogue

9. Outsource e-mail to Outlook.com

10.  Give employees 20 minutes of “free Internet” time during their lunch period to do whatever they’d like

What other improvements to work conditions do you believe Yahoo! could implement to gain a competitive edge?

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