Best Practices For Virtualizing Your Oracle Database With VMware

This is a great post and reference point for virtualizing not only Oracle Databases but databases in general. Darryl is as authoritative on the topic of Oracle database virtualization as it comes.

EMC IT Proven

By Darryl Smith — Chief Oracle Architect for EMC IT

In this blog (the third in a series on virtualizing Oracle), I will describe the best practices that EMC IT developed as we virtualized our most mission critical and highly transactional databases. You can find the earlier blogs here: [Running Oracle on Virtual Infrastructure Really Pays Off, Best Practices for Virtualizing Your Oracle Database]

There are two trains of thought when you talk to people about virtualization. From the infrastructure point of view, it is all about getting more efficiency out of the physical infrastructure layer. On one hand you can try to go extreme with this approach, but it will come at the expense of incurring higher administrative costs required to constantly troubleshoot performance and functionality issues.  The other point of view is mainly about reserving all of the resources of the underlying servers, just in case…

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3 thoughts on “Best Practices For Virtualizing Your Oracle Database With VMware

  1. That made a lot of sense, there was nothing particularly shoking on that list just really really sensible.

    But have you ever tried running your database on AWS ? This presentation kinda scares me:

    1. I checked a good portion of it out and then I fell asleep. I think that’s what most people do on my videos 🙂

      I know he said that most people who look into running a DB on AWS are good candidates for AWS when they start off. I’m just wondering what would make you a good candidate for running a DB on AWS. As he mentioned the unpredictability of the storage subsystem would deter me from running a database on AWS. I wonder why not just use their database as a service offering if you want a AWS solution.

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