Are you a Yahoo for working at Yahoo!

So, as infrastructure guys we are rarely “The product.”  We can be the product in the case of working at places like Amazon, Rackspace and Terremark.  But rarely are we at the forefront of the product in most environments.  With Yahoo! retracting the ability of employees to work from home, I wondered how much everyone considers the ultimate product of the company they work for when considering employment.

yahoo-logoThe network team that’s responsible for keeping the network optimized and latency free isn’t the team the developed the “endless news feed.”  However, how does the position of “Chief Network Yahoo!” look on a perspective employer?  What does it do for your career?  One of the comments on the All Things D post mentioned that working at Yahoo! is toxic in the Valley.  I don’t work in the valley and I’m not one of the “hot engineers” that are always in demand in the Valley.  However, I wonder how deep is that culture of the Valley in the infrastructure areas vs. sexier (are geeks sexy?) developers.

I know personally, I take pride in the organizations I’ve worked for in the past and the ultimate products they’ve delivered.  The market seems to also hold value around those names.  What’s your reaction if Yahoo! came to knocking?  Would you consider relocating to the Valley to work for a “toxic” name such as Yahoo! who I’m sure has a very interesting infrastructure?


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