Deep Dive on SDN by VMware

This is an interesting deep dive by VMware’s Bruce Davie on what VMware labels the Software Defined Data Center.  Microsoft calls it the Cloud based Datacenter but what ever the name it’s an interesting concept where the entire datacenter infrastructure is virtualized.  Bruce goes into some detail on how VMware defines and approaches SDN.

I’m curious to see how VMware approaches storage based virtualization in the coming months.  They outright purchased Nicira instead of growing their partnership with Cisco, IBM or Juniper.  I’m wondering if they are going to take the same approach with NetApp and EMC.  Seeing they are owned by EMC, I doubt it would be anything too disruptive.  But I’d love to see some disruption from VMware in the storage market.  

Office of the CTO | Network Virtualization in the Software-Defined Data Center.

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