Cheap, high I/O performance and control is the holy grail for Cloud providers. CPU performance of a great percentage of cloud workloads is more than satisfactory. It’s being able to guarantee I/O performance to a cloud application. This seems to be one of the most uneven areas of performance for cloud providers. InfiniBand alone is throwing more bandwidth at a management issue.

My thinking is that this is a great area for data center based software defined networking. Cloud providers seem like the perfect environment for a converged network managed by a distributed software layer.

Doubt I’d be able to listen to the round table but it’s a extremely interesting topic.


GigaOM Research expects the cloud computing market will grow from $70.1 billion in 2012 to $158.8 billion in 2014. With such expansion, cloud service providers must find ways to provide increasingly sustainable performance. At the same time, they must accommodate a growing number of internet users, whose expectations about improved and consistent response times are expanding.

However, service providers cannot boost performance if the corresponding cost also rises. What these providers need is a way to deliver low latency, fast response, and increasing performance while minimizing the cost of the network.

In our next analyst roundtable discussion, our panel of experts will address these questions:

  • What are the business decisions driving cloud providers to use InfiniBand?
  • What are the options for creating a high-performance cloud infrastructure today?
  • How can data travel across a network of compute and storage capacity with minimal latency?
  • Why is storage acceleration critical?
  • What is causing…

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