2012 in review

Not a bad year for VirtualizedGeek.com.  Some interesting stats.


I started the year with only 29 posts and ended with 176.  That’s a total of 147 posts in a single calendar year not counting this one.  I really put in the work this year.  My most popular day was the opening of VMworld where I had over 600 people read my post on The Major announcements from VMworld 2012 Keynote August 27th.  The most popular posts of the year were some classics from 2011 and new posts from 2012.

Running Nested Windows 8 inside Hyper-V in VMware Workstation 8
Configuring VMware Workstation 8 Networking for Nested VM’s
XenDesktop Lab Within VMware Workstation 8 Teaser
My XPS 15 VMware Workstation 8 Lab
Running XenDesktop 5 inside of VMWare Workstation


I received a great deal of visitors across the world with hits coming from 167 countries.  A great deal of you came to learn about virtualizedgeek from GigaOm and VMware Communities.  Seems you were really interested in BYOD, Hyper-V with VMware and Cloud Computing.


As my day job focuses more on IT management consulting, I expect to continue the trend of content more focused on management topics and tech punditry.  But, I know the majority of you come for the hard core tech stuff and I plan on not disappointing as I plan to be a geek at heart for a very long time.  All the best wishes to you in 2013 and I look forward to interacting.

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