Why VMware is spinning off Cloud Foundry and SpringSource

So, we will see if the problem with Cloud Foundry was the conflict with VMware’s application cloud partners or a lack of ability to execute. Count me as an skeptic because this is a difficult offering to develop and mature. However, I do respect Paul’s original vision and hold out hope that the narrowed focus on the platform will pay off for the overall industry.

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To say VMware and EMC are desperately seeking enterprise cloud credibility with the proposed spinoff of Cloud Foundry and SpringSource along with key EMC(s emc) technologies into a separate subsidiary might be overstating the case. But not by much. The move shows that EMC and VMware(s vmw) must strengthen their hand in enterprise software and cloud computing. The EMC subsidiary, expected to be announced this week,  will focus resources — and about 1,000 former VMware employees — on this key segment where VMware’s buyout of SpringSource in 2009 and other acquisitions failed to gain traction.

With this move, VMware is taking assets that it undervalued and undersold and gives them their own launch pad. That reconfiguration will let VMware focus on core infrastructure — virtualization, software defined networking etc. — and work with other parties in application development platforms. The new subsidiary gets room to pursue other clouds to host…

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