When is iCloud going to be more reliable?

Apple just doesn’t get online services and should outsource it to a company that does or buy a company that does it well. A great example is there Game Center API. According to Leo Laporte who is one of the world biggest Apple Fan Boys (I do really like Leo), Game Center folded under the load of the latest scrabble like game that was designed to leverage the Game Center infrastructure.

Why doesn’t Apple just buy Zynga and Dropbox, kill the products and utilize the technologies?


Eddy Cue might have the least desirable job at Apple. Not only has he been in charge of whipping Apple’s problematic internet services division into shape, he’s just been given two more headaches to deal with: taking over Siri and Maps from departing exec Scott Forstall. Cue has long been Apple’s executive Mr. Fix It, but the task still ahead looks daunting: especially as he’s already faced with trying to keep Apple’s cloud services online.

The scope of the task is especially obvious this week. In the midst of the news that Cue would be assuming responsibility for Apple’s voice assistant technology and its nascent and much-derided Maps application, the iCloud service he oversees experienced yet another hiccup: many iCloud services were down for some users on Wednesday afternoon, according to Apple’s own system status page, with the exception of Messages and Mail (The Documents in the…

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