The darkside of OpenStack

I generally agree with this report from Gartner. it seems a little biased especially calling out OpenStack versus all of the other open source solutions on the market but it echos what I’ve been saying about OpenStack in general. It’s great for Cloud vendors and hardware/software providers but I’m not sold on it as a solution in the datacenter.


Just weeks before for the big  OpenStack Summit, a new report cautions prospective users not to buy into the hype around this (or any) open-source cloud computing platform.

Gartner(s it) Research VP Lydia Leong suggests that prospective users proceed with eyes wide open and recognize that OpenStack, while promoted as an end to vendor lock-in can represent its own sort of “ecosystem lock-in.”  She recommends the use of a third-party cloud management tool or API  library that will work with multiple clouds.

OpenStack hype vs. reality

In the report (entitled “Don’t let OpenStack hype distort your selection of a cloud management platform in 2012”) Leong wrote that while people have been led to believe that because OpenStack is open source it is an “open and widely adopted standard.” The reality is different. She wrote:

“OpenStack is dominated by commercial interests, as it is a business strategy for the vendors…

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