OpenStack is a hot skill set?

So, if you’ve read my blog for any period of time you know I’m kind of on the boarder about OpenStack.  I definately see the appeal of the platform for Cloud providers but I question if it’s the right solution for the private cloud in the enterprise.  I believe propeitary solutions already exist and work for the enterprise.  So to recap, I’m a fan for Cloud providers but not the enterprise.  However, since I write on the topic pretty often I constantly get requests from recruiters for technical expertise with OpenStack.  I understand OpenStacks general architecture and it’s position within the market but I’m by far not a technical authority on the platform.  I still have general questions about it myself.

This got me to wondering about how large is the OpenStack market and what types of organizations are deploying the platform.  When I ping integrators that are helping enterprises with their cloud strategies they say there’s a huge amount of interest in OpenStack.  I don’t get that from the market I primarirly support but my view of the world is limited.  What about you other folks that are in the trenches.  Are you finding the interest in the platform strecthes beyound the provider and there’s serious interest at the enterprise level?  What parts of OpenStack are companies interested?  Is it just SWIFT or the entire stack?

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