I want a $500 phone – The iPhone 5 ain’t it

I love gadgets.  The iPhone has been the ultimate gadget.  I didn’t pay the initial $700.00 for the original iPhone because after all it didn’t even do video.  But when the price dropped to $499, I was all over it for both me and my wife.  The only upgrade I’ve skipped since has been the 3G and now the iPhone 5.  Once I started looking at the cool new form factors of the Android phones and the different approach of the Nokia 920, I’ve become invious of the other platforms.  I don’t know if I care much for the fit and finish of the devices but they are very innovative and different in design.  The new iPhone is great but it’s not revolutionary.  I’m finding that I’m in the same place I was in 2007 with my Palm/BB/Windows devices.  For the most part sastified and naive that there could ever be anything revolutionary.  Then the original iPhone hit and everything else instantly looked old and obsolete.  Apple has since lulled me into complacency with some really decent upgrades.  The iPhone 4S is a great phone with just a few annoyences.  Nothing that really makes me want to chuck it and buy a new phone.

But that’s the problem.  Back in 2007, I had my Motorola Q and I was pretty happy with the phone.  The battery life was horrible but I learned to live with it.  I didn’t really see anything on the market that made me want to switch until the original iPhone.  I’m looking for Apple or the next Apple to come out with a phone that I’d be willing to pay $500 off contract to switch from the iPhone 4S.  You can’t tell me all the massive innovation in phones has been done.  Maybe now that Samsung got it’s hand slapped by the U.S. courts system it will that force them to innovate in ways Apple can’t because of their market share?  I don’t know.  What I do know is that there is a great possibility my next phone will not have that bitten apple on the back.

Disclosure: I hold a position in Apple Stock

Published by Keith Townsend

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One thought on “I want a $500 phone – The iPhone 5 ain’t it

  1. TBH, Apple’s lawsuit against Samsung seems to be a cheap tactic by Apple to address the fact their “innovations” aren’t really anything new. The sooner Apple customers realize this and stop buying rehashed iPhones, the sooner you will see the improvements. Right now Apple’s customer base is so caught up in branding hype the company has absolutely NO REASON to release anything truly amazing. As for me, I’ve had a Droid powered phone for two years now and have never looked back. New products should truly be new, not playing catch-up.

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