Dewey Defeats Truman!!! – I hate click bait

Hey I run a technology blog and I don’t do iPhone so, in the week that a new iPhone is released I don’t blog.  I don’t want to get caught up in the vacuum that’s Apple.  Fortunately, I don’t get paid to blog.  Well at least I don’t get paid to write on VirtualizedGeek.  So, it’s no big deal to take a week off and take a hit to my stats.  I’m not trying to sell advertising or monetize the site.  But this did bring up one of my pet peaves during these news cycles and that’s the click bait headlines like the one that I have above.  It becomes increasingly difficult to filter content based on headlines.  I hate not being able to judge the content of a post by the headline.  It makes me not want to visit the general site for news and opinion.

I see hardcore networking sites running fluff pieces on the iPhone just to get a little bit of the click action.  I understand the drivers but as a consumer of the sites content I don’t like it.  If you have a niche stay focused on serving that niche.  I know this site will never get broad appeal and that’s OK.  You guys are hardcore tech geeks and folks that can talk my language.  I enjoy contributing my opinion and knowledge to the industry.  Also, the great thing about running a not for obvious profit blog is that if I want to go off topic and complete tangents, I can.  What are you going to do fire me?

Published by Keith Townsend

Now I'm @CTOAdvisor

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