VMware Install Config and Manage Course – Day 5

I have to say I’m pretty happy I took this course.  It filled a bunch of holes in my knowledge about VMware vSphere while also digging a few more than it filled.  This is always a great indicator of a great class and instructor.  My instructor for the course was Scott South out of Florida.  The class was a Global Knowledge course and I’ve come to have a pretty high expectations of the instructors from GK.  Not only are they great presenters but they are knowledgeable.  I don’t expect them to know everything about any single topic but I expect their to be depth from experience.  Scott has a lot of great general IT infrastructure experience and knows the VMware material extremely well.  Areas where he was weak he was honest but his strength is around knowledge of Computer Science and applying that knowledge to virtualization.

I really did enjoy the course and have to say it was worth every penny that my employer paid for it.  I actually debated paying for this course on my own if I couldn’t find the budget for it at work.  I don’t think I would have been disappointed.  I will say that I still don’t feel that VMware needs to require this course as part of the VCP requirement.  While it was informative the bulk of what is learned is available through materials readily available on the web. I just don’t like financial barriers to entry into fields.  If someone is capable of performing the work to gain the knowledge without taking a $4K course then more the marry.

Outside of my tiny rant about VMware certification I’m a happy geek.

Published by Keith Townsend

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