VMware vSphere Install, Config and Manage Class – Day 2

Well today was day 2 of my Global Knowledge Install, Config and Manage vSphere 5.0 course.  I never liked the pace of these courses as I like things to move pretty fast.  But the instructor is pretty good and my fellow classmates are knowledgeable which makes the course more bearable.  The great thing is that the course is being taught at one of our offices and the instructor is able to tailor the material to our organization.  Today was all about networking and storage.  The material helped fill in some blanks or things I really didn’t think about.  An example was the VMKernel.  I just always thought of as well the VMKernel and not a separate stack for specific things such as storage.  Also, he did some high level Fiber Channel (FC) design and protocol explanations which helped me understand storage a little better from the storage administrators perspective.

The class has not been a waste of time but I still don’t believe it should be required to take the VCP examine.  Tomorrow is all about Virtual Machine management.  I’m sure I’ll pick up some nuggets as well.

Published by Keith Townsend

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